About Adult Faith Formation

Adult faith formation at the Cathedral seeks to nurture the faith of its parishioners in an effort to help each person’s journey of discipleship by creating opportunities where parishioners can come to know each other.  These opportunities are multiple and are rooted in our small faith-sharing groups, which constitute the core of adult faith formation. Through them, people have a chance to deepen their understanding of Scripture and their relationship with Christ in the context of a community of faith-sharing and support that makes it possible to apply faith to daily life. Out of these faith-sharing opportunities are other chances to explore one’s faith in our book clubs, bible study, young mother’s group, men’s club, Dinner for Eight experience, retreats, and other prayer and social events.  It is our hope that these experiences create a deeper sense of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ through an encounter of God’s living word in each other.  Being part of these smaller communities where faith can be shared will hopefully instill a desire to invite others into that encounter with Christ and feel compelled to share it with the world.

Catholic Scripture Study

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Here is what a few participants have to say about their experience:

I was a reluctant student but once I joined I really enjoyed the classes.  It has enriched my experience at Mass and given me a much deeper understanding of our beautiful Catholic Faith.

I have learned many things from this study.  It has enriched my spirit and enhanced my faith.  It is truly wonderful to share Christ with all the students who have become friends and grown in Christ with me through this study.   I always leave with a joyous heart.

CSS has become a part of my life.  It has enriched my experiences at Mass through a much deeper understanding of the Scripture.  CSS has brought the Bible and the history of the Church to life for me.  I just love it.  I am grateful to our competent leaders who dedicate their time to teach us.

CSS has been mentally and spiritually uplifting to me. There is a vast amount of information and lively discussion in every session beginning and ending with grace-filled prayers.

I feel that I am especially connected to my CSS classmates and friends.  I know that they will always be there for me with their prayers and kind words as I am for them.  We are bonded in a special way as we renew our faith and continue to learn about our religion through the scriptures and conversation.  Our love for God grows through this knowledge.

We hope you will consider joining Catholic Scripture Study!

Bible Study

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About Bible Study:

Both Msgr. Woy and Chris McCullough lead two Bible study groups on two different occasions that have the same goal.  The purpose of these two opportunities for Bible study is to explore the upcoming Sunday readings.  The “syllabus,” then, is dictated by the Sunday Lectionary readings for each week.  Participants are invited to reflect on the meaning of the readings and how they apply to their lives.  Msgr. Woy and Chris McCullough provide the context and literary insights of the readings to provide background information to aid in understanding the meaning of the three scriptural readings for the week.

Participants can attend as they are able to.  The classes do not build on one another, per se, so there is no real issue if a person cannot attend every week.  The class serves the dual purpose of coming to know the scriptures better, as well as helping to prepare for Mass on Sundays.  A person accumulates knowledge about each evangelist’s gospel through time as we explore the Gospel for each particular liturgical year, Matthew in liturgical year “A,” Mark in liturgical year “B” and Luke in liturgical year “C.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

When and where are these classes offered?

  • Tuesdays evenings from 6:15pm to 7:30pm with Msgr. Woy in the Conference Room
  • Thursday mornings from 9am to 10:15am with Chris in meeting room 101 in the Parish Center

What should I bring? 

  • There is no text book for the classes at this time. Participants are welcome to bring a bible with them, however, bibles will be available for use during the class.  Bring yourself and a desire to deepen your knowledge of scripture.

Don’t we already have a scripture study on Wednesday from 9am to 11am in the Parish Center? 

We do.  These two new sessions are being offered as a result the feedback we received from the strategic planning process and Town Hall meeting, requesting more opportunities for scripture study.  We have added these to increase the offerings we have so that more people might be able to engage the scriptures.

Most Recent Bible Study Notes

Click the image on the right to view this week’s Bible study notes.

Click here, or the image on the right, to view this week’s Bible study notes.

Click here, or the image on the right, to view this week’s Bible study notes.

Dinner for Eight

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What is Dinner for Eight?

Dinner for Eight is an opportunity for singles and couples of all ages to become better acquainted with other members of the community, build new friendships, and enjoy a monthly meal together in someone’s home.  These dinners are packaged “seasonally” and will begin and conclude at those specified times to give the opportunity to regroup with other unknown members in following seasons.

How it works:

  1. Sign up to participate and indicate whether you would be willing to be a group organizer and/or a host.
    • Organizers: will be responsible for communicating with their group to establish dates and times for meeting
    • Hosts: will provide space for the group to meet that will seat eight individuals for a meal.
    • You need not be able to organize or host to participate! All that is required is a desire to meet new people and get to know them.
  2. Groups will be made from the list of participants. Every effort will be made to place participants with individuals that you don’t know, for the purpose of getting to know new parishioners.  If couples sign up, they will be split up unless otherwise indicated.
  3. Each “table” will have a dedicated organizer who will coordinate with the other table members to decide the date, time and where the meal will take place. This need not take place in the home if you do not have space. The parish center can be used for Dinner for Eight meetings.
  4. Each dinner for eight grouping is assigned to a four-month season with the expectation of meeting once a month to facilitate the ability of getting to know people. After that season, a person can elect to sign up again or sit out a season if so desired.
  5. Hosting can be rotated among the members of the group. The host is responsible for the main dish and beverages, and the remaining members bring the rest of the meal, e.g. appetizer, salad, bread, vegetable, or dessert.  At the end of each gathering, the group organizer communicates the details for the next meeting.

Schedule for this season:

  • February 12: Sign up for Dinner for Eight begins
  • February 24: Sign up for Dinner for Eight closes
  • February 27: Group organizers contacted
  • Febraury 27 to March 3: Group organizers coordinate schedule for groups
  • March 6 to May 31: First season in session

Stay tuned for another session after this round!

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