For this generation, and the next, and the next …

As good stewards, we are charged with the responsibility to maintain the art, beauty, and history of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

The Preservation Trust was established in 1975 as an endowment fund to provide for the maintenance and preservation of the Cathedral and its grounds in order to retain its religious, historic and cultural value for posterity. Like other institutions, from universities to hospitals, the Cathedral needs an endowment fund large enough to generate enough interest to pay the extraordinary cost of maintenance and replacement.

One great example of a gift to Cathedral’s Preservation Trust is a $25,000 bequest that was received! Anthony D’Anna, who had been a faithful parishioner here at the Cathedral for many years, provided for the Preservation Trust in his estate plans. Mr. D’Anna recognized that the Trust ensures our parishioners and members of the community will be able to enjoy and use the Cathedral now and for generations to come.