If you are organizing an event as part of one of Cathedral’s ministries or official School activities, submit your event here:

If you are a partner or friend of Cathedral’s, and you are interested in sharing your event with our community, submit your event here:

About Communications at Cathedral

Thanks for your interest in marketing your event at Cathedral! We appreciate your hard work in putting together this event.

We ask everyone to submit information about the event via one of the forms above. This helps us to learn more about your event, and to ensure that we communicate the correct details. Once you submit the form, we will start to pre-schedule publicity for your event (including any of the following: social media, parish website event, parish print bulletin, parish e-bulletin, church bulletin boards, Facebook event, or other channels).

Here are the tips we recommend for making your event successful:

  1. Allow time to promote your event. It is recommended to start planning the marketing for your event 4-6 weeks ahead of time, in order to allow the most people to learn about the event. We will do our best to promote your event in various channels – and the more time you give us, the more time it allows us to publicize your event! Unless otherwise discussed with Beth Awalt, most of the marketing for your event will appear most often in the weeks closest to your event or RSVP deadline. If you have any questions about this, please let Beth know.
  2. Use email to spark action. What specific group can you email that will have a vested interest in your event? Do you have a specific email list for the group of people planning your event? An email list with past participants from last year? We can help you brainstorm this if you like! Email is a proven way to encourage a tangible action, like buying a ticket or reserving a spot.
  3. Spread the word yourself! The best tactic to encourage folks to attend any event is through word-of-mouth. Share the posts from Cathedral’s social media on your personal social media accounts, email and text your friends, and let people know as you’re talking to them.
  4. Feeling panicked? Let us know! If, for any reason, you are feeling nervous about the response for your event, please reach out to Beth Awalt, Communications Coordinator. Let’s work together to continue making your event a success!

If you have questions, please contact Beth Awalt, Communications & Social Media Coordinator, at beth.awalt@cmoq.org

About Partner Events

We are pleased to offer support to Cathedral partners and friends in advertising their events on our Community Submissions calendar. The process to submit events to our calendar include:

  • Submit your event here. Please submit events at least two weeks before your event.
  • Email Beth Awalt, Communications Coordinator, to share your connection to Cathedral and that you submitted the event for review.
  • About once a week, we will feature one upcoming “Community Submissions” event on our Facebook, and then link to the Community Submissions calendar. On average, this post will reach about 600 people!

In return, we would love if you:

Other Communications Needs

  • Pulpit announcements:
  • School bulletin, website, and flyers:
  • Logo, flyer, graphic design needs:
    • Please contact Beth Awalt to assist. Please allow at least 2 weeks for project completion.
  • Website page updates regarding static information (i.e. info in the About Us section, change in photos, banner picture, etc.):
    • Please contact Beth Awalt to assist. Please allow at least 2 weeks for project completion.
  • Email (Flocknote) projects:
    • Please contact Beth Awalt to assist. Please allow at least 2 weeks for project completion.

Creating Your Own Materials

We are always happy to assist with creating materials for your event, as time allows. Materials may only be published or distributed if they adhere to Cathedral’s Style Guidelines. This pertains to fonts, colors, etc. Please click here to see the school and parish style guide.

All photos must be photos that you own or that we have permission to use. Here are some suggested websites, if you are in need of “stock” photos:

Questions? Contact our Communications Coordinator, Beth Awalt, at beth.awalt@cmoq.org for more information.