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When music was identified as an area of focus for the next three years, I was asked to formulate goals for music ministry. For me, the best goals are SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relative, and time bound. Music is usually more about emotions and impressions, so as I pondered the feedback from the town hall and questionnaire, I looked for ways to focus the wide range of information that had come to me.

The three words that appear on the Cathedral logo (Faith, Service, Community) provided a lens. How does music relate to faith? Music ministry is a service, but how can that be measured? What role does music have in the community?

The songs we sing express our faith. Everyone should know songs of praise, thanksgiving, and comfort. Whether you prefer more contemporary or traditional music, there should be a core repertoire of songs that everyone here at the Cathedral knows as expressions of their faith. These selections should be in the hymnals that we have in the pews. The first musical goal then is to select and introduce a new hymnal. This is the easiest of the SMART music goals.

The most challenging SMART music goal is in service. How do you measure the service provided by music ministry? Count the people involved! I’d like to see 10% of the families have at least one member active in music ministry. Combining the School Choir, Cathedral Choir and Contemporary Group, we currently have about 5% participation. There are many avenues to grow here. New members are welcome in the Sunday ensembles, and we can also grow through expanding the age range and type of musical groups that we have.

Community offers a large umbrella of options for goals, so I will tackle that area next week. Music is a touchy-feely gray area. By choosing to look at music through three words that are already important to the Cathedral community, I hope you will be able to remember and participate in our path to success.

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