Developed as a result of the parish survey in spring 2016, the Grow initiative is an effort to #growfaith, #growmusic, and #growyouth in Cathedral’s parish. The staff, Parish Council, and parishioners have put together action plans, events, and a video to share a bit about our mission.

Meet the Team

Chris McCullough


Wm. Glenn Osborne


Siobhan Cooney


Watch this video to hear about our goals:

Learn about the goals:

What is the goal of your ministry, over the next 2-3 years?

Chris: The goal of evangelization and faith formation for the next three years is to focus on building a sense of community within the Cathedral parish that both challenges and supports its members to be agents of the gospel in everyday life. The task of the Director of Faith Formation is to implement a series of small group opportunities that would lead to a stronger sense of community within the parish.

Glenn: Music expresses and forms people in faith. Music ministry will engage people in their faith through the repertoire we sing and the opportunities to serve in music ministry. We will invite others to join us for music as a sharing of our own faith and an opportunity for growth.

Siobhan: The goal of Youth Ministry is to foster youth to be disciples of Jesus through service, prayer, fun, and community. The next 3 years will bring growing opportunities for youth to engage in their faith and support their Church community.

Tell us one thing you are super excited about, regarding this goal.

Chris: This will become a foundational formation experience which will encourage parishioners into live out their faith in deeper ways.

Glenn: Having more people engaged with and involved in living their faith through music.

Siobhan: I’m excited to share the love I have for my faith with the youth of the Cathedral!

Name a Catholic figure who inspires you, regarding this ministry.

Chris: Pope Francis who is gently refocusing the Church from knowledge to experience of God’s love though his attention to God’s mercy.

Glenn: James Savage, retired director of music and liturgy for the Cathedral of St. James in Seattle.

Siobhan: Dean Brackley, SJ.

Who do you wish to thank, and what for, regarding this goal?

Chris: I thank Msgr. for his support in doing what needs to be done regarding building small groups and to the Renew Rep, Joanne Cahoon, who will be helping me and our parish in this process of formation, Glenmary Home Missioners who helped form my faith in this way.

Glenn: The support of my cathedral colleagues around the country, Msgr. Woy for offering me the opportunity to serve here in Baltimore, The Church of St. Jean de Malte in Aix-en-Provence and St. Nizier in Lyon for showing me a truly engaged Catholic community.

Siobhan: William Stehl [pictured with Siobhan, right] was a huge influence on my faith and making me realize I wanted to go into youth ministry! He was a constant support and guide during my time at Villanova.

What is your favorite memory of this ministry, outside of this parish?

Chris: Mission trips to rural Appalachian on the Glenmary Home Missioners farm in Vanceburg, KY where we worked in small teams (groups) of 8-10 guys on particular projects (housing, nursing homes, other churches, food/clothing pantries and came back to mission central to share our experience with the larger group and reflect on it as a person of faith. This experience as a young man helped to form me and led me on the vocational path I am now on.

Glenn: My favorite memory is from an occasion when I improvised an organ piece during communion at Mass at the Cathedral in Aix-en-Provence. I became an vehicle of the Holy Spirit during that time and transported everyone to a very special place. It was so moving that I was physically shaking afterwards.

Siobhan: My favorite memory of youth ministry is from college. I was heavily involved in activities offered through the campus ministry office, specifically my experiences with Service Council. That group allowed me to have a safe space to voice my thoughts, opinions, and concerns while also learning and having fun in my faith.

View the entire goals:

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