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About the Pastoral Council


To investigate and consider pastoral matters and propose practical solutions or draw sound conclusions. These solutions or conclusions should be presented to the pastor in the form of recommendations.

This threefold task of the council – investigating, considering, and recommending conclusions – is called pastoral planning. After the pastor has accepted the recommendations of the council, he directs their implementation. Council members may assist him, but strictly speaking, implementation is the responsibility of the pastor, not the council.


The scope of the council is pastoral matters. These may include everything that pertains to the pastor’s ministries of proclaiming God’s word, celebrating the sacraments, caring for the faithful, promoting the mission of the Church to the world, and being a good steward of parish resources. The scope includes all the practical matters of parish life. There is, in short, nothing about which the pastor may not consult the council, apart from faith, orthodoxy, moral principles or laws of the universal Church.