Casserole Challenge

Saturday, May 23 - All Day

Greetings good and faithful servants,

I have appreciated the generosity of your efforts in making casseroles for ODB during this time of pandemic.  Thanks to all who have contributed.  A recent tally puts our number at about 90 casseroles over the time period.  This is wonderful! While your efforts have fed hungry folks at ODB, they are in constant need as the number of unemployed people grows. I wish to invite you to join a community challenge event to make 100 casseroles during our usual Service Sunday weekend (5/22-25). The details for the challenge are: 

  1. Select a casserole recipe here.
  2. Register for the event here.
  3. Document your casserole making through video or photos (please hold the camera horizontally for these).
  4. Freeze your casseroles to prep them for delivery.*
  5. Deliver your casserole(s). Instructions here.
  6. Upload your photo or video to google drive and share them with [email protected]. or email them to [email protected]

What will I do with those videos and images you may ask?  I want to create a video of our event to share with the S&CMOQ communities to celebrate the generosity and care that our community has for those less fortunate than ourselves and to help raise aware of the need.  Join the challenge and register today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].  


*If you do not have freezer space, arrangements can be made to receive and freeze casseroles.