Family Faith Formation

“The importance of passing on the beauty and truths of the faith cannot be overstated. As such, Faith Formation is an integral part of the life of every parish, one which must be rooted in the heart of each member.  As the Body of Christ, we all are responsible for the growing in our own faith and sharing of that faith with others, through our words and actions."

Parents are directly responsible for the Faith Formation of their own children. They are truly the ‘first and primary catechists of their own children’ (CCC 2223).  At the moment of baptism, parents ‘accept the responsibility of training [their children] in the practice of the faith . . . to keep God’s Commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and neighbor (Rite of Baptism, #39)’”. (taken from the Baltimore Association of Catechetical Minister’s document on Faith Formation by Laura Wetherington). 

In light of what the Church outlines, our program is a hybrid program that is in the home and supported by monthly meetings with leaders and catechists.  We will be using Loyola Press’ Finding God curriculum which is set up to enable an easy way to communicate the faith.  

As an integral part of our faith formation curriculum, you will be receiving Growing with God materials. This age-appropriate program about Christian living, chastity, character formation, and safe environment training promotes communication between you and your child. 

About Family Faith Formation (FFF)

Who: Kindergarten through 8th grade students

What:Our program enables families to deepen their understanding of faith at a time that is convenient for the family.

Where: In the SCMOQ Gym Monthly and in the home weekly

When: Monthly meetings from 10:45 AM – 12 PM  after the 9:30 a.m. Mass, weekly in home sessions at a time convenient for the family

Why: It is part of our baptismal call to witness to the faith to our children by how we live and what we say to them about the faith.  This action takes the whole community and starts in the home.

Our mission is to provide a friendly and open learning atmosphere for children, parents, and catechists. We…

  • Proclaim the story of the loving relationship between God and human kind.
  • Teach the important truths of the Catholic faith and relate these truths to daily life.
  • Develop an understanding of what it means to be a member of a faith community.
  • Develop an understanding of prayer and worship.
  • Motivate children to serve others as Christ has taught.

All staff and volunteers working with minors are required to be VIRTUS-approved.