The root meaning of catechist is “one who echoes.” The catechist’s role is to echo and re-echo the story of Jesus Christ.

The parish Family Faith Formation and Confirmation programs are fortunate to be staffed by dedicated catechists who volunteer their time and talents to bring the knowledge of God to our parish children.

“Formation seeks to enable catechists to transmit the Gospel to those who desire to entrust themselves to Jesus Christ. The purpose of formation, therefore, is to make the catechist capable of communicating…the Gospel message.” (GDC 235)

We offer our catechists training sessions throughout the year. The training offered includes topics ranging from teaching skills and lesson-planning to faith, moral, and psychological development. Some sessions may be on the scriptures, liturgy/sacraments, church/church history, moral living, social justice, and doctrines.

1-2 volunteer catechists are assigned to each classroom. Every catechist is involved in the teaching activities of every session. Interested in volunteering? Email Fr. Justin Gough.

All staff and volunteers working with minors are required to be VIRTUS trained.