Liturgical Ministries

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! If you would like to learn more about any of these ministries, fill out our Volunteer Interest Form, and we will be in touch!

Altar Servers: Girls and boys in grades 4 through 12 are welcome to volunteer as altar servers. Altar servers assist the clergy at Sunday and weekday Masses and at other liturgical functions. Training is offered twice a year, in the fall and the spring.

Bereavement Ministry: The Bereavement Ministry is comprised of parishioners who perform the Corporal Work of Mercy of Burying the Dead at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.  Various members of this ministry assist at all funeral Masses by guiding families through the funeral and assisting them with the duties the family usually performs during the funeral.  Given the nature of the need, individuals who serve in the Bereavement Ministry need to have some flexibility in their daytime schedule, and be available to serve with only a few days’ notice.  They should be sensitive toward those suffering the loss, and as ambassadors of the Church, convey our sorrow for the loss of one of our own. 

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (EMs): Adults who have received first Communion, been confirmed, and are practicing Catholics are welcome to volunteer as EMs. Honor Christ by distributing Holy Communion at Sunday and weekday Masses. Training is offered periodically throughout the year.

Greeters: Adults, children and families of our parish may greet parishioners at the doors of the Cathedral, and share a friendly smile! The time commitment is only once a month, 15 minutes before Mass begins, at the Mass of your choice.

Lectors: If you can communicate a sense of prayerfulness and reverence, if you are a daily reader of Scripture, and if you are an effective public speaker, you are invited to proclaim the Word of God at Masses. Lectors serve one Mass per week.

Masters of Ceremonies assist in mentoring the other altar servers, as well as helping the clergy, at Sunday and weekday Masses and at other liturgical functions.

Sacristy ministries include Junior Sacristans, Altar Servers’ vestment care, Baptistery and Chapel care, Sacred Linen care, Flower Arrangements Team, and Chrism Mass Oils assistance.

Ushers are called first and foremost to a welcoming presence to the Church as the first representatives. While fulfilling this most important role the Usher is also responsible for making the congregation comfortable, maintaining order, and taking up the collection all while being reverential yet not conspicuous.