Sunday, January 19


Think of time of personal failure. That memory probably conjures up some not so wonderful feelings. The question is, what do we do with our failures or those feelings that accompany them? No one likes failure. We also might think the Church does not like failure if we see that today’s lectionary expunges the fourth verse of Isaiah, which reveals his own sense of failure. Isaiah says, “Though I thought I had toiled in vain, for nothing and for naught spent my strength” (49: 4). Why does he say this? Because he failed to accomplish what he set out to do; turn Israel back to God. The Apostle, Paul, fails in his attempt to establish a peaceful church in Corinth. He writes this letter to them because there are factions and divisions in the community of faith. Even Jesus fails. If he is the Messiah that John the Baptist testifies to in today’s Gospel, by the world’s standards, he fails in his death.

Friday, January 17

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Sunday, January 12


Today we are at a threshold in time where we cross over from Christmas time to Ordinary time. We cross this threshold with the story of Jesus’ baptism. The question we may have about this event in his life is, why did he choose to be baptized? He is the sinless son of God, after all. Matthew narrates how John the Baptist’s response to Jesus echoes that question, saying, “John tried to prevent him, saying, ‘I need to be baptized by you, and yet you are coming to me?’ Jesus said to him in reply, ‘Allow it now, for this it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness’” (3:14-15).

Sunday, January 5


Isaiah proclaims; “The glory of the Lord shines upon you” (60: 1). With this proclamation, today we celebrate the Epiphany – which is the coming of the Magi. The story is one of light, hope and a Star. It is also a story of darkness and evil. The story includes a journey, foreigners, and gifts. We can wonder about the story, whether it is history or legend? Regardless of the story’s origin, we can look to the deeper spiritual message of the story.

Friday, January 3


On behalf of Archbishop William E. Lori and members of the Cathedral parish, I welcome you to the “parish church” of the 500,000 Catholics of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Besides serving the larger community as the Catholic Cathedral of Baltimore, this magnificent edifice is the “parish church” of a thriving community of 1300 families.

Thursday, January 2

Pastoral Goals

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Wednesday, January 1

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Sunday, December 29

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Wednesday, December 25

Feast of the Nativity of the Lord | Barbara Bowles

In the Beginning . . . . . The Word Life Exists Hunger Whispers Thirst Speaks Work Reverberates Love Manifests Relationships Creates Happiness Became flesh Light Embryo Glory Fetus Refulgence Newborn Grace Child Truth Teenager Fullness Adult Power And dwelt among us Jesus is born Family Shouts of joy Neighborhood Faithfulness Town Songs of praise State Comfort Country Enlightenment World Glad tidings Amen.

Tuesday, December 24

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent | Maria Anne Brighoff

I saw a great sight It happened one night There was a great light Angels formed a ring So they could sing To the newly born king During the day He was laid on a bed of hay To show us the way This sight you see Was made for you and me So that we Could learn to be Believers in the unseen I have learned to see And love and be With a full heart Mind and head To see and hear Is good for the soul. Amen.