And the sheep hear his voice...

Whose voice do you hear? To come and worship here, surely you have heard the call of the Good Shepherd. How did you hear that voice? Jesus no longer walks the earth in a physical body. Who was the person that you heard speaking for Jesus? Did they actually use words or was it their actions that spoke to you?

Prayer and worship require action. Coming to the Cathedral can speak to others about your faith. Making a commitment to attend Mass regularly may serve as a call for others to join us in worship, but my experience, even here at the Cathedral, is that general calls don’t generate much interest. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements and news trying to grab our attention, so we train ourselves to ignore most of the noise and appeals that surrounds us.

The shepherd calls his own sheep by name. (John 10:3)

Personal invitation gets our attention. What do you do with the mail that shows up addressed to “Current Resident”? To even have a chance of getting opened at my house, mail has to have a name (spelled correctly!) on the envelope. While I have been here long enough to learn some names, I cannot call everyone by name. I would very much like to, but the Cathedral community is large, and I have not had the chance to meet everyone yet.

If you’ve read this far, then you’ve heard my voice. My question for you, (insert your name here), is who hears your voice? Not only is this a large community, the Cathedral is a large building. Do you sit close enough to other people so that they can hear you sing at Mass? Do you know the names of the people near you? If not, introduce yourself after Mass (or before). If you can hear other people singing near you, thank them for using their voice in worship. If I had the space, I would thank Tom, Mark, John, Kathy, Jennifer, and (insert your name), until I named everyone here for raising your voice in song.