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Are you ready?

Advent is a season of preparation. We sing songs such as “The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns,” “Soon, and Very Soon,” and “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” With Advent, we begin our preparations for Christmas, even if some of the retail stores began months ago. We have a date fixed on our calendar for our celebration, but what if we didn’t know the date?

Advent is a season of uncertainty. The Jews did not know when Jesus would appear. Every week in our creed, we proclaim that Christ will come again “to judge the living and the dead.” The Gospel this weekend reminds us that we do not know the day or time. When the future is uncertain, are we afraid? Or do we live in our comfort and forget about uncertainty until it forces us out of our routine? How can we prepare and live in a world with an uncertain future?

Advent then is a season of challenge. Can we wait for the Lord? How do we prepare the way of the Lord? The angels will sing on Christmas Day. The Preface for the Eucharist Prayer every week reminds us that we will join our voices with the angels to sing before the Lord. Is your voice ready? Are you prepared to sing the glories of the Lord?

The greatest physical challenge I have had was choosing to run a marathon. It took two years of preparation. By comparison, the four weeks of Advent are awfully short. In our journey towards Christmas, I encourage you to look at the words we sing. Are they reflective of our preparations for Christmas? How are they preparing us for the second coming? Whether the tune is new or has been around for centuries, practice using your voice to sing. The angels will be singing soon. Are you ready to join them?