Christmas Reflection 2018

December 25, 2018

Scripture: Is. 9:1-6; Ti. 2:11-14; Lk. 2:1-14     By SCMOQ 7th Grade

This reading reminds us of the Christmas Convocation held at the school every year. The 8th-grade students memorize the Gospel of Luke to share at the ceremony while younger students form the Nativity scene. Luke was quite a descriptive storyteller! He wanted everyone to know the specific details of Jesus’ birth and just how special this day was.

Luke helps us pay close attention to the angel of the Lord speaking to the shepherds who were afraid. This reminds us that we should not be afraid of coming to see the Christ Jesus. We should be happy and joyful to share in his presence, grace, and mercy. Let us remember how blessed we are to know Jesus and have Jesus in our lives this Christmas season.

During this special day of giving and family, we ask everyone to keep the following concerns in prayer:

– We pray for California and people affected by the fires

– We pray for those in power to make just choices.

– We pray for a decrease in poverty in populated cities

– We pray for funding to develop better health technology and research that may lead to the cure for cancer and other major diseases

– We pray that every pet finds a loving family

– We pray for safe traveling this holiday season

– We pray for the sick and dying.

– We pray for safety in your schools, our homes, and other countries

– We pray for shelters to always be open to the less fortunate

– We pray for everyone to have a place to stay this Christmas

– We pray for everybody who doesn’t have meals during the holidays that God can give us the resources we need to feed them.

– We pray for the weak so that they would be strengthened

– We pray for donations to charities that give clean water to those in need in Africa.

– We pray for our family and the ones we love.

– We pray for all those that have special prayers in their hearts.

May we all find some way to share our wealth of blessings with the world this Christmas season, just as Jesus was the greatest gift for all of us!  Amen.