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COVID-19 Coping Resources


  • Is the News Causing Anxiety? Try These Tips: Click here.
  • WFH Because of Coronavirus? Tips for Your Mental Health: Click here.
  • Managing Coronavirus Anxiety: Click here.
  • Children’s Mental Health: Click here.
  • Five Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus: Click here.
  • Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19 | CDCClick here.
  • Mary Jo Coiro, psychologist from Loyola, shares a short video on stress: click here.
  • St. Luke's Institute: Keys to Psychological Stability - click here.
  • How to Deal with Anxiety: click here.
  • Be Present: Managing Anxiety and OCD Through COVID-19



  • Insight Timer: Guided meditation app with a variety of practices targeting anxiety, insomnia, etc. - Click here.
  • Happify: Science-based activities and games to overcome worries and stress - Click here.
  • Sanvello (free premium during COVID-19 crisis; additional features available with qualifying insurance) Clinically-validated evidence-based mobile application for anxiety, stress and depression; based on CBT, currently used by over 3 million people - Click here.

Questions, or have something to add to this list? Email Chris McCullough at [email protected].