Epiphany | Kevin Ewing

A reflection for Epiphany

by Kevin Ewing

“They departed for their country by another way.” 

As we take our first cautious steps into the new year, hopefully we do so with a sense of optimism: this time is an opportunity for purpose and promise. 

Last year, we saw so many of our steps redirected, our progress hindered, our journey thwarted by the grave challenges facing our world. These difficulties remain a present reality to which we must continue to adapt our lives. And yet, there is hope—not just for a vaccine, or a return to life as usual—but hope for growth and renewal, even as we face suffering. The way forward in holiness is always open to us, even as the other avenues of our lives face restriction. 

For the Magi in today’s Gospel—and indeed, for the Holy Family—caught in political exploitation, and vulnerable to the chaos of worldly pursuits, mortal peril was of pressing concern. Their physical course had to change in order to fend off the forces of evil. But more importantly, it was their brush with divinity, not with danger, that ultimately changed the direction of their lives. 

When we feel hemmed in or closed off, may we be mindful of the paths that the Holy Spirit opens for us. The new way that Jesus Christ has made in navigating the challenges of this world. 

Let us pray.
Jesus Christ, The Way-maker, deliver us. Our Lady of the Way, pray for us.