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FAQs about Outdoor Mass

June 18, 2020

Starting Saturday, June 20, Cathedral will be hosting Masses outdoors until we are permitted to host Mass indoors. 

Outdoor In-Person Masses: 5pm Saturday and 8am Sunday (not livestreamed)

Livestream Private Masses: 11am Sunday with Archbishop Lori, along with our other weekday Masses (schedule here)

Before Coming


  • Sign up via the button above (preferred) or by calling Lisa Kantz at 410-464-4006 - only 50 people may attend each Mass.
  • Take your temperature. If you have a fever, are not feeling well, are in a vulnerable population, or are not comfortable, please do not come. Archbishop Lori has granted a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass during this time.
  • Bring and wear a mask. Masks are required to wear at Mass. 
  • Pack a chair or blanket, umbrella, and/or hat and sunscreen. Outdoor Masses will be held rain or shine. The Eucharist and altar will be set up under a pop-up tent, but participants will not be under any covering (unless you bring it!). 
  • Use the restroom. Restrooms will not be available during outdoor Masses. The Cathedral will not be open.
  • We encourage you to download myParish app or bring a Magnificat or similar text, so that you may follow along with the Creed, Gloria, readings, etc. Hymnals / leaflets will not be available.

When You Arrive

  • Wear a mask. Masks are required to be worn the entire time you are at Cathedral, outdoors or indoors. 
  • Find a spot 6 feet apart from others not in your household. You may set up your chair and/or blanket anywhere in front of Cathedral.
  • Parking: The front driveway will be blocked off, so parking will not be available there. The handicap parking will still be available on the south side of the Cathedral. The large parking lots will be available as usual.

What will Mass be like?

  • Mass will be very simple, but will still be a full Mass. We feel blessed to be able to offer this during this time!
  • There will be no congregational singing, as singing expels more particles and causes a higher risk of spread of coronavirus. 
  • There will be no sign of peace. 
  • Communion:
    • Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass, so that attendees may receive and then exit afterwards. Only the consecrated host will be distributed at Holy Communion and not the common cup. Ushers will guide you to the Communion table when it is time - it is a new pattern, so please be patient. 
    • There will be two tables set up, to receive Communion.
    • When you approach the table, you will stay on one side of the table to receive, and the Eucharistic Minister (EM) or clergy will be on the other side. It is discouraged to receive Communion on the tongue.  The minister will keep their mask on the entire time. The communicant will pull down their mask, extend their hands fully and open flat, say “amen,” consume, and move to the door to exit. If you are receiving a blessing, you will keep your mask on as you receive the blessing at the table, then proceed to the exit.
    • If the EM/clergy feels that they have touched another person, the protocol is for the EM to put down the ciborium, use hand sanitizer (which will be on each table), wait 30 seconds, then continue.
  • Baskets will be available on the tables for Communion for offertory, or you may contribute via these methods.

About Indoor Mass

  • Currently, public Mass is not permitted indoors, per Baltimore City jurisdiction.
  • Whenever we are permitted to hold Mass indoors, we will do that instead of outdoor Mass. 
  • We will notify you of any changes (i.e. when indoor Mass able to start) via our Special Announcements / RRR email list (sign up here) and our Inclement Weather text list (sign up here). We recommend signing up for both lists. Changes will also be noted in the red banner on the top of our website:
  • Until you receive a text and Special Announcements email, Mass will be held at the schedule at the top of this page.
  • We encourage you to read our post about What to Expect When We Reopen for Indoor Masses.