Thursday of the First Week of Advent Reflection: December 2

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Trust in the LORD forever!
For the LORD is an eternal Rock. 
(Isaiah 26:4)

Trust can be an illusive thing in our time.  We live in an era where we fact check everything because there are those who seek to bend or completely recreate the truth.   Have you ever used the listing site Craigslist to sell something and received one of those scammer messages about sending a cashier’s check for a greater amount from which they want you to give their driver the extra bonus money they are sending?  If you get caught in one of those lying schemes, it can be very disorienting.  The snare of the scammer leads to a darker place of feeling wronged, violated and our trust misplaced.

Isaiah tells us that the appropriate place for our trust is in the Lord who is like a rock on which we can build our life.   With Christ as our sure foundation, we can navigate the deceptions of our world, because we know the core truth of our being and are guided by the light it generates.  Even if we are violated or scammed, Christ our guiding light, is there to lead us out of the darkness.  

As we prepare during this Advent-tide, and live our days in limited daylight, let us remember this great truth.  That one who puts their trust in God and lives out their life applying God’s will for us, will be found to be standing on solid ground.   God will help to shore up the structure of our life and set it on a foundation that can withstand all that life can bring to us.  It is a foundational truth that exists in love and is grounded in a care for us that we can only hope to emulate. 
Prayer: Dear Lord, as we await the radiant light of your birth, we ask that you lead us through any darkness in our life, to the solid foundation of your truth.  Give us a discerning heart, so that we may hear your voice, and follow the truth of your loving will for us, that leads to your eternal embrace.  Amen.

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