Fourth Sunday of Advent 2018

December 23, 2018

Scripture: Mi. 5: 1- 4a; Heb. 10: 5 – 10; Isaiah 11: 1-10

I choose this day because the reading reminds me of the Jesse Tree. I remember in school decorating the Jesse Tree with the symbols of the events leading up to the birth of Jesus.  I remember how fun it was to make those ornaments.

The ornaments on the tree helped me to understand the story of God in the Old Testament. It helped me to connect the season of Advent with the faithfulness of God across 4,000 years of history. I remember taking such care to make sure my symbols represented the story beautifully.

This reading from Isaiah comes at such an important time in our world. It reminds us that Jesus is coming to give us a new beginning. It is a time for all of us to learn to get along with each other.

Isaiah teaches us the way to forgive each other and to help seek peace and justice in the world. Isaiah uses the symbols of animals – predators and their prey lying together in peace and harmony. For me this reading reminds me of what heaven will look like. It reminds me to be kind and loving towards others.


Dear Lord, please bless us during this Advent Season. Help the world be a better place for everyone. As we put our symbols on the Jesse Tree this season, let it remind us of your love for us, and our need to get along in peace and harmony. Amen.

By Kathleen Landers