Fr. Bianco's Message for the Week: July 15, 2022

Dear Cathedral Parishioners,

During the past few days, people throughout the world have been marveling at the strikingly beautiful images of the cosmos that the Space Telescope Science Institute released on Monday and Tuesday. The images are from the James Webb Space Telescope, which is controlled from the Johns Hopkins University campus right here in Baltimore. Dr. Anton Koekemoer prepared the images before they were released to the world. Dr. Koekemoer is a research astrophysicist who works at the Space Telescope Science Institute and, who with his wife Apple, are parishioners of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. Anton’s faith plays a central role in his life and believes that “our scientific understanding of the universe can be reconciled in harmony with our Christian faith, where each can draw the other into a wider world in which both can flourish.”  Upon seeing the images from the Webb telescope, one might call to mind the words of Psalm 19: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the firmament proclaims the works of His hands.” How grateful I am that Anton and Apple are parishioners of the Cathedral and that one of our own has provided these images to the world.

What makes our Cathedral community so vibrant and welcoming are our wonderful parishioners. For 63 years, the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen has been the spiritual home of many diverse people who have made our parish and school community what it is today. Recently, some of whom we call “legacy” parishioners have passed away, some even being original members of the Cathedral from when it opened. These legacy parishioners are:

Dede Morrow            Palma Wilson
Fran Meagher          Bridget Maginn
Charlton McLean     Barbara Stevens
Candy Byrnes           Eleanor Meeker

They were all dedicated and energetic parishioners who loved our grand cathedral and their Cathedral community. Please pray for the happy repose of their souls.

This week marks the end of our summer seminarians’ time with us. It was certainly a fast two months. I am sincerely grateful to Tre Bart and Michael Moore for their good work with many things in the church, parish center, and rectory. They have told me how grateful they are for this experience and for the many kindnesses you have shown them. If you see them this week, please wish them well in their seminary formation and certainly pray for them and for more religious vocations.

May God bless you.
Father Louis A. Bianco

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