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Friday of the First Week of Advent | Christy Cabaniss

As we move into the season of Advent, our Scriptures call us to see what is around us today. Each reading from Isaiah, to the Psalm, and our Gospel from Matthew speak about seeing. Even the Alleluia has a visual tone. What does it mean to open our eyes, not just opening our physical eyes, but what of opening our spiritual eyes? This particular season is all about the preparation, so looking closer is exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

I don’t know about you, but Advent has become a season that is marked more by panic than peace. So many tasks to complete and all with a cheery smile and appropriate attitude. For me, today is also my daughter’s birthday. So, for all those who are celebrating December birthdays, you know well that this just adds to the things to do.

Today’s readings call us out of this chaos and call us to place our focus on God. These are not readings to instill fear or trepidation. They are meant to instill hope! The light of the world will come to us! The first reading from Isaiah speaks from the Lord God telling us that when the Lord is revealed, the eyes of the blind will see and the deaf will hear the message of God. All will find solace and comfort and trust in God once again, because they will be able to see and hear God in their midst. The Psalm reflects this same tone, when we trust that God will be, and we have trust, then we see, not really the other way around. 

Isn’t that what also happened in the Gospel? Jesus asked the blind men, “Do you believe that I can do this?” When they answer that they do believe, then Jesus heals them according to their faith. What God asks us is to step out and trust. This isn’t easy, and we fill up our time and days with things we can control to try to avoid stepping into the uncomfortableness of trust. At least, I do. 

The birth of a child brings hope, though, doesn’t it? It helps us to see things new again. I know that when my daughter was born, she gave me hope in so many ways, and she still does now. How much more will the birth of our Lord lift our hearts, if only we let Him? On behalf of these readings, I ask you friend, to pause a moment. Look around at the beauty, in a friend, in the decorations, in the birth of a child. Revel in these small glimpses of what God has in store for you. Then, you can make a moment of peace to prepare for His arrival.

Lord, help us to see you in all that we meet and in the beauty around us. Help us to trust that you love and care for us. Send forth your Holy Spirit to fill us with hope as we prepare for the coming of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

-Christy Cabaniss