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Hearing the Shepherd Proclaiming the Word

Today’s readings return to the image of the Good Shepherd and the sheep. “My sheep hear my voice” the Gospel tells us. As good sheep, we need to listen for and hear the Shepherd’s voice. Our lives are full of things to listen to; music, the O’s game, election news, our children, spouse or friends, but where do we find the voice of the Shepherd? In church for sure, but we need to listen for the Shepherd’s voice in our daily lives. God’s voice is alive and active in our lives through the Spirit. Do we hear it? When we do, do we share the goodness of the experience with others?

Paul is doing this in the first reading. He has a mission to proclaim the good news to the Gentiles and has been made an “instrument of salvation” for them. Have you ever considered yourself as an instrument of salvation? A proclaimer of God’s Word? We are all called to be that by our baptism. We are called to go into the world to proclaim the good news. The news we proclaim is the news we celebrate in this Easter season; that Jesus Christ, the son of God, suffered and died for our sins and rose from the dead in glory showing God’s victory over sin and death. No more do sin and death have the last word, because God brings redemption to the darkest corners of life. This is good news indeed, something we can share with others.