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Lent Begins

The season of Lent gives us a chance to simplify and renew our worship. We give up extravagances and work to become better people drawing closer to God. One way we can do that is to participate in The Hymn Society’s “A Cappella Sunday.” This weekend we will simplify our music and sing several selections with minimal support from the instruments.

The first music of the church was chant: unaccompanied singing. When we sing the Our Father, it is easy to hear everyone singing. The melody is familiar, so the support of instruments is not needed. During this season of Lent, we will make a musical journey so that other selections are as familiar and can be sung unaccompanied. Being able to hear others sing encourages more people to sing. Whether it is a simple chant, the Eucharistic acclamations, or a hymn, your voice can encourage others to sing.

Our Lenten journey will also include a Journey with Jesus on Sunday afternoon, February 25 at 4pm. Here we will explore the music for Lent in our new hymnal. Similar to our popular Lessons and Carols even in December, this will be a mix of congregational singing, choir music, and scripture reflections taking us on a musical journey from Jesus’ temptation in the desert to his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. I hope you will make this part of your Lenten season and invite others to attend as well.

One last item that we are working to renew musically this Lent is a musical program for children. Eve Hehn, our new Associate Director for Children’s Choirs, has prepared a survey to discover the best time for a children’s choir to meet. She is also auditioning singers for cantor positions. Watch for the survey next week . If you have questions or ideas, stop by to meet our new music ministers after the 9:30 Mass on 2/24.

May this Lent be a season of musical renewal and growth for the Cathedral!