Lent @ Home: Saturday, February 20

Welcome to Lent @ Home! We believe prayer leads to action - so start your day with us in prayer, then complete the action below. Thank you for journeying with us this Lent!

Prayer of the Day

Every Saturday, we'll include a CRS Rice Bowl intention for your daily prayer. 

Trusting in the mercy and love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who calls us to recognize our own needs as well as the needs of our global human family, we voice our petitions, saying, “Lord, hear our prayer.”

For our sisters and brothers who experience chronic hunger and malnutrition, that they may access the resources they need to stay healthy and thrive. We pray to the Lord ... 

For our community, that we may be thankful for the gifts we have and realize that by sharing them with others we are sharing them with Christ himself. We pray to the Lord ...

We also encourage you to pray this Prayer for a Lenten Spirit:

Action of the Day

“Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth.” -Ps 86:11

Go for a walk together in a park or other place of beauty. Pay attention to signs of God’s creation all around you.

Pass this along to a friend! 

Questions? Email Beth Mayr or Chris McCullough.

Content adapted from Sadlier and Catholic Relief Services resources.