Mary Mother of God | Nichole Feltner​

A reflection for Mary Mother of God

by Nichole Feltner

“But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.” - Luke 2:19

At the Annunciation, anyone would have reasonably responded with fear about the coming months. Mary was not yet married and was told she was going to become pregnant. She has curiosity about how God will work such a wonder but she does not express worry about all of the possible situations she could have to deal with after accepting her role as Mother of God. 

Her faith was so strong she did not have to worry. Even when she was warned in the temple by Simeon that she would have her heart pierced by the events that to come, she simply "kept all these things in her heart". (Luke 2:51) She did not fret about tomorrow.

These verses are upheld by theologians as evidence that Mary had direct input into Luke’s infancy narrative. The author had to have knowledge of Mary’s internal world to know what she was pondering. Mary is the Mother of the Church, not only because she gave birth to Jesus, but because through her the early Christians were able to learn about the life of Jesus. 

Now, we still look to Mary as a perfect model of faith. In the words of Cardinal Ratzinger, “For Mary, as for Abraham, faith is trust in, and obedience to, God, even when he leads her through darkness. It is a letting go, a releasing, a handing over of oneself to the truth, to God. Faith, in the luminous darkness of God's inscrutable ways, is thus a conformation to him.”

Prayer: Mary, Mother of God and Seat of Wisdom, pray for us. In our darkest moments, may we attune ourselves to your perfect trust in God’s mysterious ways and find peace in His light. Amen.