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Mass Intentions: Week of 01/02

Mass Intentions for the current week are listed below. If you would like to see a past week's intentions, please email the Parish Center at [email protected]. Interested in obtaining a Mass card? Please contact the Parish Center at 410-464-4000 or visit us in person Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Week of December 26, 2021- January 1, 2022

Sunday, January 2
8:00AM – Toma Guberski
9:30AM – Donald Sisk
11:00AM – Thomas Jefferson

Monday, January 3
7:00AM – Kyle Vamplew
5:30PM – Joseph V. H. Flanigan

Tuesday, January 4
7:00AM – Dr. Priscila Santos Pizarro
5:30PM – Joseph J. Woodward

Wednesday, January 5
7:00AM – Theresa Choi
5:30PM – John Beers

Thursday, January 6
7:00AM – Lawrence T. Albrecht
8:15AM – Marlyn Schulze
5:30PM – Elmer Dziak

Friday, January 7
7:00AM – Special Intention *
5:30PM – J. Stephen Graney

Saturday, January 8
8:15AM – Gregory Brian Kroneberger
5:00PM –Ned McCaffray

(*) Living