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Monday of the First Week of Advent | Ximena DeBroeck

God’s generous love is without limits

“Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof”...We echo these words of the centurion every time we receive Communion... But, have you ever thought that we echo the words of a Roman citizen who would have been considered a ‘pagan’ in that day?  Nevertheless, this man has much to teach us.  This centurion, recognized Jesus’ authority and trusted that he could cure his servant.  He modeled a disposition of complete trust and humility.  The centurion knew that if the Lord entered his house and brought healing, it was not because of his worth, but simply because of Jesus’ generosity.   

Long before the centurion met Jesus in Capernaum, Isaiah announced to God’s people, who were suffering greatly, that a day would come when the Lord’s glory would protect them and give them shelter from storm and rain.  That day would come not because of their worth, but simply because of God’s generous love.  And when that day came, they could go rejoicing to the Lord’s house.

As we begin our Advent journey, we enter a time of anticipation. We eagerly wait for the Lord to protect us from storm and rain, like he protected the people in Isaiah’s day, and to heal us like he healed the centurion’s servant.  But unlike the centurion, we often think that we need to be ‘worthy’ of God’s love.  We are reminded today that God lavishes us with his generous love, not because of how worthy we are, but simply because he loves us. Can we accept this love?   From what storms in our lives do we seek protection?  From what suffering do need to be healed?  Let us confidently approach the Lord, like those waiting for refuge in God, like the centurion, trusting in God’s generous love to heal us.  

Lord, I thank you for your generous love, and I bring you my brokenness, my suffering and my fears. 
Lord, like the centurion, I am also not worthy, but I humbly ask you to give me the grace to accept your love and make me whole again.  Amen.

-Ximena DeBroeck

You're invited to listen to Ximena DeBroeck's reflection on the Monday of the First Week of Advent, part of Cathedral's Advent Reflection series. You may also listen on our podcast here (or wherever you listen to podcasts).