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Monday of the Second Week of Advent | Delia Schadt

Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This Holy Day celebrates God choosing Mary to be the mother of Jesus. 

The first reading today explains how Adam and Eve were hiding from God in the Garden of Eden, because Eve was tricked by the serpent who told her to eat the apple from the tree, which was forbidden by God.  Thus, original sin was born.

Mary, however, was born without original sin.  Mary is free of sin from the first moment of her existence.  In today’s Gospel, when the angel Gabriel comes to Mary, he says, “Hail, full of grace!  The Lord is with have found favor with God.”   From the beginning, God created Mary immaculate, as He had chosen her to be the mother of Jesus.

Yet, Mary is “greatly troubled” when Gabriel tells her the good news: “You will conceive a child…Son of the Most High…of His Kingdom there will be no end.”  It must have been so very terrifying, upsetting, and confusing to Mary, for so many reasons.   After boldly asking Gabriel how this can be, the angel assures her that nothing is impossible with God.  Mary says, “I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to your word.”  Mary has complete trust in God.

It is the hardest thing to do:  Give up our worries, our fears, our angst, our challenges, our confusion, and have complete trust in God’s plan for us.  It is especially difficult for those who feel that they are the glue holding everything together in their work and family lives, and must have control over everything for fear it will all go awry.  But, to relinquish our worries and fears to God is not only the greatest act of trust in God, but also allows peace to enter our minds and hearts; and the heavy burdens we are carrying become much lighter.  While we still do our best in our daily work and in our family life, and try to make all the right decisions, in the end, our trust in God is how His great plan for each of us can be revealed!


Mary, Holy Mother, be with me today.  May everything I do today be through your grace and intercession.

Lord, I am your servant.  Let it be done to me as you say, and Thy will be done.


-Delia Schadt