Monday of the Third Week of Advent 2018

December 17, 2018

Gn. 49: 2, 8-10; Mt. 1: 1-17

Today’s Gospel is particularly special to me as it speaks to the genealogy of Jesus Christ.  The ties from David to Jesus Christ and fourteen generations between is a message to my heart.  This reading highlights family and the history of the church, but remains relevant to me as a Catholic today.

We all are born, adopted, or find our way into our immediate family that bear our last name.  We also are born and raised or find our way into the Catholic church via baptism as a child or through the RCIA.  Every family has a history and a genealogy that leads us to where we are today.  We as Catholics today are the living and breathing genealogy of the church that stretches back to David.

We may not be linked by blood, but we are bound by God and the history of the Catholic Church.  This family is unique in that it is bound by God’s love, peace, and forgiveness.  As we head towards Christmas, we look back on the day Christ was born, but we are bound by the fact that we as Catholics are part of the living and breathing genealogy of this boundless family.


Lord please give me the peace to follow your ways and to listen to your guidance.  Please allow me the strength to always serve you and the children of your kingdom. Amen.

                           By Anonymous