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Friday, October 5

Our Song Is Not Complete Without You

A wonderful gift that God gives us through music is the opportunity to create beauty that is bigger than ourselves. When we sing together at Mass, it is a unique group of people making unique sounds. Our song will never happen the same way twice, even if we sing the same song two weeks in a row. It is a unique offering to God each and every time. That is why it is so important that everyone participates in the song of the church. Without your voice, our music isn’t complete

Thursday, February 22

Lent Begins

​The season of Lent gives us a chance to simplify and renew our worship. We give up extravagances and work to become better people drawing closer to God. One way we can do that is to participate in The Hymn Society’s “A Cappella Sunday.” This weekend we will simplify our music and sing several selections with minimal support from the instruments.

Thursday, January 11

Welcome, Eve and Brian!

Eve Hehn is excited to join the CMOQ staff as the new Associate Director of Children’s Choirs, and Brian Hehn is excited to join the CMOQ staff as the new Associate Director of Contemporary Music. Welcome, Eve and Brian!

Wednesday, December 20

O Come All Ye Faithful

Wednesday, December 13

Music for Lessons and Carols

Thursday, December 7

Music for Advent and Christmas

Wednesday, November 29

Are you ready?

Thursday, November 16

Musical Talent

Thursday, November 9

The Singing Cathedral

Thursday, November 2

Africa is Calling Thee