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Musical Talent

In this weekend’s Gospel reading, the master hands over his wealth to his servants by giving them talents. I love that the word for a large unit of money has become the word we use for skills that we have. Music is an area often called a talent. According to the Gospel though, simply having the “talent” is not sufficient.

Each of the servants who received multiple talents used those talents to multiply them. What talents do you have? Are you using them to nurture the skills you have? Are you using them to help others? We do not know how the servants traded or made the additional talents that they accumulated. We only know they had “a long time” to develop their talents. No one acquires musical skill overnight. Talents in any area take time to develop. How are you developing your talents?

The servant given only one talent was afraid. He buried his talent and was punished for not using it. Is there something you are interested in that scares you? Do you enjoy singing or listening to music but are afraid to sing in public? Could you be burying your musical talent? There’s a phrase I hear often, “All the magic happens outside your comfort zone.” Fear keeps us in our comfort zone. We will have failures when we venture into unknown territory, but the only way for us to grow is to expand our comfort zone. Nurturing our talents will require us to conquer our fears.

Developing talents, whether skills or a large sum of money, takes time and effort. Musical talent may seem like a gift, but it also requires work. Even the most accomplished musicians recognize the need to practice. Sing when you come to Mass so that you can develop your talent. If you are interested in developing your skills further or in serving the community through music ministry, please let me know. I don’t want anyone with musical skill thrown “into the darkness outside where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.”