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O Come All Ye Faithful

Christmas is a wonderful season to gather with friends and family. After hearing Christmas carols on the radio for several weeks, we finally have the opportunity to sing them in worship. I hope everyone sings these familiar tunes with their whole heart. Enthusiastic singing is not only worship, it is a gift to me and to all who gather here. Share the joy of the season by sharing the gift of your voice in song.

We begin our Christmas Masses with one of the most popular songs of the season: O Come All Ye Faithful. Originally written in Latin, it is typically ascribed to John Francis Wade (1711-1786). While attributions to St. Bonaventure, King John IV of Portugal, or the Cistercian monks have been proposed, the original four Latin verses were all published together by John Wade in 1744. The Abbé Jean-François-Étienne Borderies wrote additional verses which are sometimes inserted in the middle of the original.

The English translation we sing was prepared by Frederick Oakley. He was born in 1802, obtained a degree from Oxford and was ordained for the Church of England. As part of the “Oxford Movement” in 1845, he called attention to his divergent viewpoints. He was tried and perpetually suspended from the Church of England unless he retracted his statements. Instead, he became a priest in the Church of Rome, eventually becoming a Canon in the Pro-Cathedral of Westminster.

Wherever you gather during this Christmas season, share the joy by sharing the song. Join the angels in singing praise to God!

As we are no longer printing weekly worship aids, the special music provided by the choir and organ during Masses will now be listed in the Music Notes for the week. Here are the pieces for this week:

Advent IV:

11am Choir Anthem: There is No Rose by Philip Stopford


10pm prelude:

March of the Three Kings – organ and brass

Babe of Bethlehem by Wm. Glenn Osborne – choir and organ

In the Bleak Midwinter – brass

Here This Christmas Night by Wm. Glenn Osborne – Kimberly Christie, soloist

Personent Hodie – brass

O Radix Jesse by Healey Willam – choir

Noel Suisse – organ and brass