Pastoral Goals

Read about our three Pastoral Goals for 2019-2022! 

Published October 2019


Goal: To deepen youths overall involvement in the Cathedral community while also creating a seamless transition from middle to high school. In addition, we aim to teach the youth to be active in their faith and establish an active social media presence that will help to foster all other goals.


  1. Deepen youth's involvement through a set schedule of events, a regularly-offered high school retreat, liturgical options for high schoolers, and more. 
  2. Facilitate a seamless transition from middle school to high school through fun events for SCMOQ and SSR, high school peer leadership for middle school activities, and 8th and 9th grade Confirmation program, joint events for middle and high school students, and more.
  3. Teach youth to be active in their faith through larger faith events in the Archdiocese and beyond, service opportunities, and more.
  4. Increase social media presence through regular posting, Instagram takeovers, and more.


Goal: The goal is to increase the number of volunteers over the next three years to grow our ministries.


  1. To measure and track quantity of volunteers – determine how many volunteers each ministry has and what would be the ideal number
  2. Clarify process and training procedures on how to become a new volunteer
  3. Amplify outreach through new marketing efforts and a monthly ministry focus
  4. Refine appreciation through potential annual parish-wide picnic/potluck

Family Engagement

Goal: Increase the active participation of couples (and families) who come to CMOQ for Baptism and Marriage while “feeding” those already in the pews. 


  1. Increase participation in events – Provide childcare at all events determined to be ones that could enable folks with young kids to participate, including Mass.
  2. Become more proactive in Baptismal prep – offer prep sessions with childcare on alternating Weds. and Sundays, and offer tour of Cathedral as part of prep. 
  3. Celebrate Baptismal anniversaries – Invite parents to bring children during anniversary month of baptism to note and celebrate the date, similar to wedding couples.  
  4. Engagement and support of married couples – Host Valentines event for couples as well as educational opportunities, and eventually a couples’ retreat.  
  5. Life stages workshops – create ongoing series of workshops/presentations on topics that rotate between raising kids, tending marriage, and aging issues. 
  6. Family activities – highlight current family events, and create new events/activities as an opportunity to invite on-campus family participation.