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Peter and Resurrected Life

In John’s Gospel today, we hear of the Great Catch and of Peter’s Repentance. Both are symbols and signs of new life in the Resurrection. Peter’s forgiveness is the real story of this gospel. His denial of Jesus was just as bad a Judas’ betrayal. But Jesus seeks to give Peter a chance to repair their relation- ship. Three times He asks Peter if he loves Him. Peter is “distressed” to have to affirm his love three times to atone for his triple denial.

Jesus gives Peter a chance to repent but also a mission. “Feed my sheep,” he tells him. But it is not just Peter who bears the responsibility of that mission. It is for all of us. With the Apostles we are called to fill the net to overflowing by feeding God’s sheep. With what you might ask? With the food of forgiveness and mercy. Like Peter, we have denied God through sin. Like Peter, we are offered a chance to be reconciled with God by entering into the new life of the Resurrection. We do this each Sunday when we receive the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist. This is good news into which we can invite the world.