Providing for a Catholic Education to Help Sustain the Future of Our Faith

For the last 13 years, the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen has had a profound level of importance in the lives of Scott and Linda Murphy and their two sons, James and Zachary. As Scott put it, “I think my car knows how to get there without me.”

The relationship between the Murphy family and the Cathedral is mutually beneficial, and the impact of their faith and commitment to the Cathedral can be seen across ministries.  Scott and Linda were married at the Cathedral where they have been active parishioners since 2004. Both sons, James and Zachary, attend The School of the Cathedral in the 5th and 7th grades, respectively.  Linda currently serves as president of the School Board and is also a Eucharistic Minister. Scott, who was not raised Catholic, converted five years ago and now serves as one of the leaders of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program, providing religious instruction to those who are interested in being received into the Catholic Church. As Scott meets with people who are new to the program, he enjoys sharing with them his own experience of conversion to the faith.  Together, Linda and Scott have participated in the ARISE Program, where they met with a small group of parishioners over a six-week period to study the Bible and discuss how to live out Christian teachings more deeply. And, following in their parents’ commitment to the faith, both James and Zachary serve as altar servers for weekly Masses.

When Linda speaks of her upbringing, it is with great fondness for the Catholic Church and its place in her life. The second of nine children in a devout Irish Catholic family, she was raised in the suburbs outside of Detroit. The family attended Mass every Sunday. With the nine children, plus two parents, they filled their own pew. Linda received a Catholic education from kindergarten through high school. 

Linda’s experience of having the Catholic faith integrated into her day-to-day schooling is the type of quality education that Linda and Scott wanted for both of their sons.

Moreover, a Catholic education is something the Murphys value not only for their sons, but are also making possible for others who cannot afford it. To that end, they have established The Linda A. and J. Scott Murphy Family Fund. According to Linda, she believes that, “sending children to a Catholic school is really the future of our church. It’s very important to keep the enrollment stable, if not growing, at The School of the Cathedral so that we can have more well-rounded spiritually strong children who will maintain their Catholic faith throughout their lives.”

Creating The Linda A. and J. Scott Murphy Family Fund has the potential to impact individual families, but also the broader School community as it encourages socioeconomic diversity at the School, believe Scott and Linda.  Through this scholarship, children of families of lesser means will now have greater access to attend the Cathedral School, thus building a school community that represents a broader spectrum of the Baltimore area

Establishing this scholarship brings Linda and Scott great joy.  “It’s an incredible legacy. It’s a financial sacrifice that you make, but it feels good to provide this for tomorrow’s generations. An investment in a Catholic school education is an investment in the future of our faith.”

Thirteen years later, marriage, two faith-filled boys, and an outstanding commitment of time and treasure to the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen and School of the Cathedral, the Murphy’s dedication to the Cathedral is clear. Scott summed up their faith and involvement at the Cathedral, saying, “This is our community. This is our home.”