News - Reflections Advent 2020

Thursday, December 24

Thursday of the Fourth Week of Advent | Mike Gabriele

Today is the conclusion of Advent, December 24. It is the last day that we prepare for the coming of Jesus, eager to celebrate tomorrow His arrival to the world—the Word made flesh. On this final day of Advent, we are called to reflect on the last prophet who pointed to the coming of the Messiah—John the Baptist.

Wednesday, December 23

Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Advent | Chris McCullough

Today our Gospel is comprised of what Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father, proclaims after being struck mute for doubting God’s ability to bring life to his long barren wife. This beautiful song of praise is part of the Church’s liturgical prayer and is said each day as part of Morning prayer.

Tuesday, December 22

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent | Nichole Feltner

Today’s Gospel reading from Luke is the beautiful song of praise that Mary offers. The Magnificat is only recorded in Luke’s retelling and is one of the ways that the author highlights the importance of women in salvation history. And, what a wonderful gift that we have these words from our Blessed Mother!

Monday, December 21

The Visitation | Chris McCullough

Today we hear this familiar gospel account about Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth. It is the tale of two improbable pregnancies which reveal the wonder and miracle of what God can do in our lives. It is the tale of Mary bringing comfort to her cousin and helping her in her later stages of pregnancy. It is the tale of John the Baptist leaping for joy in Elizabeth’s womb at the sound of Mary’s greeting.

Sunday, December 20

Fourth Sunday of Advent​​ | Chris McCullough

Today we hear this familiar gospel account about the angel Gabriel’s visit and announcement to Mary about her special role in salvation history. I had the great privilege of visiting this scene on a trip to the Holy Land in 2019.

Saturday, December 19

Saturday of the Third Week of Advent | Robin Demarest​

​Have you prayed for something and because there was no “result” you finally gave up? You may have taken consolation in knowing that your prayer would be answered in God’s time. Or perhaps you abandoned the prayer, angry at God and convinced that God wasn’t listening.

Friday, December 18

Friday​ of the Third Week of Advent | Lisa Kantz

Today’s Gospel story is familiar to all of us. It tells the story of how the birth of Jesus Christ came about. As I reflect on this Gospel passage, I noodled on these thoughts:

Thursday, December 17

Thursday of the Third Week of Advent | Annemarie Reilly

Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew must strike fear in the heart of any lector prone to second guessing her Aramaic pronunciation skills. One can get lost in the long list of ancient-sounding names that trace the genealogy of the Christ child’s earthly ancestors. Some of the names are familiar to me; most I do not recognize.

Wednesday, December 16

Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent | Andy Alexander S.J.

Today is the last day of the first part of Advent. Beginning tomorrow, we will follow the story of our salvation, leading up to the Nativity. In the midst of all we are facing these challenging days, it is wonderful to hear "I am God; there is no other!" It is consoling to be invited to "Turn to me and be safe."

Tuesday, December 15

Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent | Fritz Bauerschmidt

As we prepare during Advent for the celebration of the birth of Christ, it can become easy to focus somewhat exclusively on the baby Jesus, and forget that this birth is God’s judgment upon the world.