News - Reflections Advent 2020

Monday, December 14

Memorial of Saint John of the Cross | Donna McCann

Today’s second reading from Matthew tells the familiar story of what we must do in order to enter the Gates of Heaven at the end of our time here on Earth. In this one short reading, there are three phrases that I have heard many times throughout my life that can be a source of inspiration to trust in God and let Him take the lead.

Sunday, December 13

Third Sunday of Advent | Ximena DeBroeck

What brings you joy? Whether it is person, a gift, a beautiful sunset, or a soothing sound, it can be said that good news bring us joy.

Saturday, December 12

Our Lady of Guadalupe | Nichole Feltner

The appearance of Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe​ was a powerful call to conversion for the Aztec people. The image of Our Lady revealed on Juan Diego’s cloak was full of symbols that were familiar and important to the Aztec people. During a time of cultural oppression that was turning these people away from the Church, this representation of Mary was able to communicate with familiar signs and symbols that she had always been their mother too. This story is one that illustrates the importance of meeting people where they are when evangelizing as opposed to just trying to change them.

Friday, December 11

Friday of the Second Week of Advent | Barbara Bowles​

Purple and Pink Advent dances with duality Darkness, light The hopes and fears of all the years Purple in solemn stillness waits Pink in joyous anticipation

Thursday, December 10

Thursday of the Second Week of Advent | Henri Nouwen

Expectations around the holidays run high. We plan for the perfect gifts, prepare the very best meals, and anticipate joyous moments of family togetherness. And so often we are disappointed when our best-laid plans do not unfold as we had hoped.

Wednesday, December 9

​Wednesday of the Second Week of Advent | Stephanie and Eric Hadaway​

A yoke is a farming tool that is used to join two oxen side by side so they may work together to achieve a common goal. Can you imagine being in a yoke with Jesus on one side and you on the other?

Tuesday, December 8

Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary | Kevin Ewing

“Hail, full of grace!” Even as the Church celebrates the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and honors Mary’s sinless life, a twinge of panic might set in for us: we, who know sin and the shortcomings of our own lives, struggle daily to emulate the blessed example before us. How wonderful were the events that transpired in Mary’s life, the spotless vessel of God’s grace who was chosen to bring to birth the Savior of the world.

Monday, December 7

Monday of the Second Week of Advent | Carl Eastwick

Our God will come to save us. I look upon miracles every day. But seldom have I the insight to recognize them. If only a great healer could open my eyes. If only I could come to see hope in the darkness.

Sunday, December 6

2nd Sunday of Advent | Sue Ceasar

One snowy Christmas eve on the Loaves & Fishes Van, families prepared Box Suppers, each topped with a Christmas gift. The Van drove through the city, looking for homeless persons in alleys where the cardboard villages are built each sundown, where overhangs provide a break against weather, and where steam grates provide humid and sometimes dangerous heat against the night’s extreme. At Saratoga and Cathedral, a man was sitting on top of the grate. The Van stopped and prepared to ladle soup.

Saturday, December 5

Saturday of the First Week of Advent | Karen Banta

In many ways this Advent season is quite different than prior ones. With all that is happening in the world today, it is important that we do not lose sight of what really matters. Today’s readings remind us where our focus should be.