News - Reflections Lent 2020

Sunday, April 12

Easter Sunday Message from Monsignor Woy

Enjoy this special Easter Sunday message from Monsignor Woy to the parish.

Saturday, April 11

Holy Saturday | Stations of the Cross, Stations XIII and XIV

When the body of Jesus is lowered from the cross, it is laid in Mary's arms. How immense her sorrow! As a mother, she remembers holding him as a child / and fleeing from Herod to protect him. She recalls the prophecy,/ "And your own soul a sword shall pierce." Her mother's heart cannot  understand  the reason, / but Mary still has hope. She trusts in the promise made to her by the angel, / that her son would save his people, / would save you and me.

Friday, April 10

Good Friday | Stations of the Cross, Stations XI and XII

The pain bolts through the body of Jesus /as nails are driven into his hands and feet. His reward for announcing the good news of the kingdom of God /was crucifixion as a criminal. It was a convenient way to get rid of him / and his challenge to goodness.

Thursday, April 9

Holy Thursday | Stations of the Cross, Station X

The soldiers roughly tear off Jesus' clothing, / though it is matted in his wounds. His persecutors have taken advantage of his weakness. They refuse to treat him as a human being.

Wednesday, April 8

Wednesday of Holy Week | Stations of the Cross, Station IX

Totally exhausted, / Jesus falls to the ground for the third time.  What a terrible burden our sins must be! It took complete trust in his Father / and great power of will / for Jesus to get up once more.

Tuesday, April 7

Tuesday of Holy Week | Stations of the Cross, Station VIII

A great crowd of people followed him, / including women who beat their breasts and lamented over him. Jesus turned to them and said: / "Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me. Weep for yourselves and for your children."

Monday, April 6

Monday of Holy Week | Nancy Lowitt

Six days before Passover we see Christ join his friends, including Lazarus recently raised from the dead, for a dinner together. Martha served, and we witness Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with costly perfumed oil and then drying his feet with her hair. We see this extraordinary and intimate gesture, and we experience the revelation of the house filled with fragrance and love. When Judas reveals his hypocrisy Christ chides him for objecting to using the expensive oil. Why?

Sunday, April 5

A special video reflection from Monsignor Woy

You're invited to watch Monsignor Woy's reflection on the Sunday of Holy Week, part of Cathedral's Lenten Reflection series.

Saturday, April 4

Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent | Mike Gabriele

In today’s Gospel, Caiaphas unintentionally, but very succinctly, prophesizes God’s great plan of salvation. When a warning reaches him that Jesus and His disciples could possibly insight the Romans to crack down even harder upon the Jews, Caiaphas responds, “It is better for one man to die instead of the people.” While undoubtedly stating his own selfish plans to eliminate Jesus, his words were an incredible foreshadow to God’s loving sacrifice for humanity.

Friday, April 3

Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent | Stations of the Cross, Station VII

Even with Simon's help, / Jesus falls again. In many things we fail, / as individuals, / as families, / as a parish, / as a nation. It takes repeated effort to control our tempers / or to learn the art of prayer / or to rise to the challenge of real self-giving.