Reliquary of Saint Bernadette, U.S. Tour 2022

See below for the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen St. Bernadette Relics Schedule

Thursday, May 12 - Sunday, May 15


Am I required to wear a mask indoors?
No, it is not required to wear masks indoors in the city of Baltimore. It is the guest's choice whether they'd like to wear a mask. 

Where may I park on campus?
Visitors and parishioners are invited to park in one of the three parking lots located to the left of the Cathedral.  Parking around the perimeter of the Cathedral will be reserved for any Malades in wheelchairs.  Please follow the directions of the parking assistants.
Is there an accessibility ramp available?
Yes, the accessibility ramp is located on the south side of the church (to the left of the entrance of the Cathedral). To access the ramp, you must proceed to the left along the upper walkway around the cathedral. All other entrances have stairs.

For the hearing-impaired, will there be an interpreter?

Yes, only during the 5 PM Mass on Saturday, May 14. There will be an ASL (Sign Language) interpreter.  

Do I need to buy tickets, RSVP, or register? 
No, there are no tickets, RSVP, or registration. Veneration is open to the public during the scheduled hours below. 
Will there be Lourdes Water available for me to take home or purchase? 
No, there will not be Lourdes Water available to take home or purchase. However, on Saturday, May 14 Archbishop Lori will sprinkle the congregation with Lourdes Water at the 5:00 PM Mass.

What time will the Library/Gift Shop be open?

The Library/Gift Shop will be open for an extended time from 10 AM - 5 PM on Saturday, May 14. The gift shop can be found down the stairs of the right side of the Narthex. There are signs that show the Library/Gift Shop entrance. 

Cathedral of Mary Our Queen St. Bernadette Relics Schedule

Thursday, May 12
4 PMPublic Veneration of the Relics Begins
4:30 PMSacrament of Reconciliation
5:30 PM Mass
6 - 7 PMVeneration of the Relics
Friday, May 13 Schedule
7 AMMass
7:30 AM - 3 PMVeneration of the Relics
4:30 PMSacrament of Reconciliation
5:30 PMMass
6 - 7 PMVeneration of the Relics
7 PMPresentation by the U.S National Lourdes Volunteers: History & Story of St. Bernadette 

Saturday, May 14 Schedule
7:30 AM - 3 PMVeneration of Relics
8:15 AMMass
3-5 PMAnointing of the Sick; Sacrament of Reconciliation; Rosary
5 PMMass* (Celebrant, Archbishop Lori) with Sprinkling of Lourdes water
           *with ASL (Sign Language) interpreter
6:15 PMProcession with Statue of the Blessed Mother
6:45-8PMVeneration of the Relics

Sunday, May 15 Schedule
8 AMMass (Quiet)
8:45 AMSacrament of Reconciliation
9:30 AMMass (with Children's Liturgy of the Word)
10:30 AMSacrament of Reconciliation
11 AMMass (Choir, televised) 
12-2 PMVeneration of the Relics
2:15 PMClosing Benediction

Want a self-guided tour of the Cathedral? Click here for access to the PDF of our self-guided tour.