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Saturday after Ash Wednesday | Journey to Jerusalem

Reflections from a Pilgrim

Today, we share about the Peter family. Tom, Sheila, and Tommy are all traveling on the pilgrimage! Sheila writes, "Jesus Christ has always been such a part of our lives. So naturally, a trip to the Holy Land has been one of our greatest wishes. When Monsignor Woy's pilgrimage came along, it was a dream come true! Just the thought that we will see where Christ was born and lived with Mary and Joseph, that we will walk where He walked, see what He saw, and follow the Via Dolorosa that Christ took to Golgotha -- so that we might be saved -- will be an extremely moving experience. How thrilled we are to be sharing it with our son, Tommy, and to see the Cathedral windows and panels that we love so much "come alive." This pilgrimage will leave an indelible memory in our hearts and bring us so much closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ."

Did you know?

On this third day, the pilgrims visit Bethsaida, a desert city east of the Jordan River where Jesus often preached and where he performed many of his miracles.  It may also be the site where Jesus fed the 5000.  The name of the town in Aramaic, Jesus' native language, means "house or place of fishing".  Given the meaning of its name it is not surprising this was also home to the Apostles Peter, Andrew and Phillip.  In Mark's gospel, this is where Jesus met the blind man.  There is also a pool in Jerusalem of the same name Bethesaida.  At this site there are 5 porches where according to John's gospel, people brought their sick and wiated for the moving water.  It is here that Jesus told the man with the affliction to wash and be healed.