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Saturday of the Third Week of Advent | Nancy Lowitt

“Arise, my beloved, my dove, my beautiful one, and come!” SG 2:8-14

We’ve had cold windy days already, but this morning I walked my puppy across the Cathedral plaza in full sun with no wind.  Charles Street was quiet.  As I felt the warm sun on my upturned face, I heard the two-tone call of the black capped chickadee, and my heart ached.  The black-capped chickadee overwinters with us, keeping us company through the long winter, but I always associate this call with the early spring and the promise of warm unstructured summer days to come.

The Song of Solomon, a favorite of young couples, is our first reading today.  It feels almost jarring to be reminded that the winter that is upon us will pass, that flowers will reappear, and that a longed-for loved one will arise and join us.  Yet this joy in anticipation of meeting Christ, perfectly captures the longing and hope we feel during Advent, as we prepare for the feast of Christ’s birth here on earth.  The light in the eyes of young children around the Christmas tree, the peace and hope in the faces of the choir at Mass, and the ethereal two-toned call of the black-capped chickadee in the warm winter sun are all in their way the promise of things unseen.

“…Let me see you,
Let me hear your voice,
For your voice is sweet
And you are lovely”

-Nancy Lowitt