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News - Social Justice

Monday, June 14


Thank you for making a casserole to support Our Daily Bread! Here is the pertinent info.

Wednesday, June 3

We Stand Against Racism

​Racism has plagued our country since its foundation and, despite strides made over the years, discrimination against people of color remains a persistent feature of American life, as witnessed by the recent killing of George Floyd. Racism is not simply a moral flaw lodged in the hearts of individuals, but is a structural flaw woven into the fabric of society, affecting education, healthcare, policing, and the criminal justice system. But more than simply a political problem, racism is a spiritual and theological problem, denying that all people are made in the image of God and redeemed by the death and resurrection of Christ. It is a sin that brings death and destruction to individuals and communities. (click here to continue reading)

Tuesday, May 5

Virtual Service Opportunities

During this time of sheltering in place, many of our fellow Baltimore residents are struggling due to unemployment, poverty, lack of transportation and health care. We, as the Body of Christ are called to help those who are in need (see Matt. 25: 31-46). Whenever do, we help to build the Kingdom of God here on earth. There are many ways in which we can serve the needs of others. Below is a list of Kingdom building opportunities in which you can participate to make a difference in the lives of others during this difficult time.

Thursday, April 30

Letter Writing

Many area elders are going without hugs! During this outbreak, elders in nursing care homes and assisted living are unable to accept visitors- even from family members. And, our young people, stuck at home, are looking for ways to “do something” to make a difference during this outbreak. IVC Baltimore invites your classroom or religious education program to adopt a senior community- to write letters of support and flood our senior communities with love!

Wednesday, April 29

CARES Food Pantry Needs Our Help

CARES Food Pantry needs our help! Click here to learn more.

Monday, April 27

Casserole and Mask Information

Thank you for making a casserole or mask to support Our Daily Bread! Here is the pertinent info.

Tuesday, April 7

How to Make Masks

The pattern for the masks is very simple. The preferred fabric for the mask is 100 percent cotton or a cotton/polyester blend that is at least 70 percent cotton. Each mask requires two pieces of fabric to help the user identify which is the outside and which is the inside of the mask. The mask is held in place by straps. Elastic straps are preferred, however, bias tape or the fabric can be used to make the straps.

Friday, February 21

Gratitude Report

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, parishioners, and friends who contributed to our service efforts in 2019. We're grateful for you! Click here to see our gratitude report for the year.