Sound Help Wanted

On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit enabled people to proclaim and hear the word of God. Today, we have priests, deacons, lectors, cantors, and music ministers who help us worship by sharing the Good News with us. Over the past year, we have been working with our sound system to make sure everyone can hear that message. With most of those kinks worked out of the system now, we are ready to establish and train a new group of liturgical ministers to help us worship: the sound ministry.

Sound systems in the past were either on or off with some limited volume control from a main control panel tucked away in a closet. If you have ever noticed at large concert productions, the person managing sound for the band is usually in the room where he or she can see what is happening as well as hear what the audience hears. Technology has advanced so that we can now leave all the equipment in the closet, but the person adjusts the sound in the room. For the past few months, I’ve had the iPad to make the remote adjustments, but as you might imagine, turning the cantor up or down while playing the organ is almost impossible. During recent graduations here at the Cathedral, I could simply manage sound, and it is so much easier than playing the music and controlling the sound at the same time. Since I know there aren’t many of you out there who can play the organ, I thought I’d ask for a few people to use the iPad!

Members of the sound ministry will need to be familiar with the order of Mass. You will need to anticipate who will be speaking when so as to have the microphone on and ready to adjust it as necessary. You must be comfortable using an iPad. Any experience running a sound mixer would be useful, especially for the 9:30 Mass which uses the most microphones. Ideally, we will have 2-3 people trained for each of the weekend Masses (including 8am) so that, like the other liturgical ministers, no one is burdened with the responsibility every week. Training will be provided. If you are interested in volunteering in this new ministry, please email me ([email protected]).

Who will hear the Holy Spirit today to help us make sure the Gospel is heard?