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Stations of the Cross Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions for the Stations of the Cross

1.)   Jesus is condemned to die.

Where have you been judged in your life?  What needs to heal as a result?

What in your life leads to you condemnation?

2.)   Jesus carries his cross.

What is (are) your cross(es) to carry?

3.)   Jesus falls the first time.

Where have you fallen along the way?

4.)   Jesus meets his mother.

How has your family been there for you (or not) on your journey?

5.)   Simon helps Jesus carry his cross.

Who has helped your carry your crosses/burdens in your journey?

6.)   Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

Who has shown you compassion along the way?

7.)   Jesus falls a second time.

Which of your crosses/burdens trip you up?

8.)   Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

Who has comforted you along the way?

9.)   Jesus falls a third time.

What has caused you repeated struggle in your life?

10.)  Jesus is stripped of his clothing.

When have you been stripped of your dignity?

11.)  Jesus is nailed to the cross.

Who has been with you in your darkest hour?

When have you felt abandoned in your hour of need?

12.)  Jesus dies on the cross.

What deaths have you encountered in your journey?

13.)  Jesus is taken down from the cross.

Why do you want to die and rise with Christ in the Catholic Church?

14.)  Jesus is laid in the tomb.

How does the cross/the Church give meaning to your life?