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Sunday of the Third Week of Advent | Glenn Osborne


The Third Sunday of Advent is often called “Gaudete Sunday” because of the introit chant for the day: “Gaudete in Domino semper: iterum dico, gaudete.” ("Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice.)

My new reason to rejoice this year is my daughter Claire! While I may not get so much sleep anymore, she brings joy into our lives every day. She smiles when we get her up in the morning. She smiles every time I come home from work or running errands. We even have 15-20 minute sessions where all we do is smile at each other. She knows how to rejoice!

In a 2014 homily for Gaudete Sunday, Pope Francis suggested that it is a “Sunday of Joy.”  Instead of fretting about all we still haven't done for Christmas, we should "think of all the good things life has given you." 

No year is without sorrows. In the same year that I was blessed to become a father, my father passed away. I can still rejoice in the example he gave me and tell him that I hope to be as good of a father to Claire as he was to me. Even in sadness, we can find reasons to rejoice again.

Almighty God,
Give us all the joy a parent finds in a newborn child, so that we may spread your love and joy throughout the world.

-Wm. Glenn Osborne