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The Advocate – The Teacher

Think of a time when someone advocated for you. What was it like to have that person speak on your behalf and in your defense? It helps a person’s sense of self and worth to have someone value us enough to advocate for us. In the Gospel today, Jesus tells his disciples that the Advocate will be sent to them. Not only will this Advocate stand for their defense, but will “teach them everything” and “remind them of everything” that they might need to know.

Jesus is preparing them for the time when he will depart from them and ascend to his Father in heaven. He will send them the Advocate – (aka the Holy Spirit) because they will soon be sent out on mission to spread the Good News of God. The Advocate will stand in their defense and teach them all that they need to say. We need to remember that that same Advocate was given to us at Confirmation who wishes to teach us what to say. We were given the same mission as the apostles at our baptism to go into the world to share the Good News of God. The Advocate will be with us when we do.