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Thursday after Ash Wednesday | Journey to Jerusalem

Today, we continue our Lenten Reflection series, "Journey to Jerusalem." Cathedral is blessed to have over 20 parishioners and friends embarking on the trip of a lifetime - a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Jordan for 12 days. The pilgrims will travel later this month, and they will be documenting their journey on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

You're invited to read a reflection from a pilgrim below, as well as a snippet of information about the Holy Land. We pray that learning about the Holy Land this Lent brings you deeper into your faith!

Reflections from a Pilgrim

Introducing Father Paul Sparklin! Fr. Sparklin is most interested in spending more time at some of the sites we'll visit on our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, as compared to a couple of 12-hour excursions from a cruise in 2009. He is particularly excited that we are visiting Petra - where we will ride horses to see temples, tombs, and dwellings carved into the sides of a deep gorge. Nicknamed the "Rose Red City," Petra is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Did you know?

On their first day in the Holy Land, the pilgrims will visit Mt. Tabor, the site that was considered by early Christians to be where Jesus was Transfigured.  It stands 1843 ft. tall just 11 miles west of the Sea of Galilee.  Because of its height, it is used in Scripture as a symbol of majesty. In the fourth century, Mount Thabor became a place of pilgrimage and as a result a basilica and several churches and chapels were built on the site.  In 1101 the Benedictine monks erected a fortified abbey to withstand attacks from other groups trying to claim the mountain. Today it is maintained by Franciscans.