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Tuesday of the First Week of Advent | Fritz Bauerschmidt

The prophet Isaiah says of the Spirit-filled savior whom God will send, “not by appearance shall he judge.” Jesus, in Luke’s Gospel, shows himself to be that Spirit-filled savior, who does not let appearances deceive him, for he recognizes that God’s truth is not revealed to those whom the world counts as wise, but to “the childlike.” The mystery of the Reign of God is not shown to those who presume that they already know everything. It is revealed instead to those who know how much they do not yet know. Children don’t presume that they know everything; they accept the world as mysterious and wonder-filled. If we wish to share in the gifts of Jesus’ Spirit, we are called to have childlike faith—which is, of course, something different from childish or immature faith. Indeed, to know that much of the mystery of God is still beyond our grasp is to have a faith that is at the same time both childlike and mature. We are invited during Advent to emulate the sense of wonder and trust that children display; we should renew and cultivate our sense of God’s capacity to draw us ever deeper into the reality of God and to make new marvels in our lives.

God of wonder, give us a childlike spirit so that we may know your truth, the truth that is hidden from the wise but revealed to those who trust in your love. Give us the Spirit of Jesus your Son. Amen.

-Fritz Bauerschmidt