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Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent | Robin Demarest

Advent Devotion December 10

Matthew 18:12-14

On any given Saturday you may find me browsing in one of Baltimore’s many consignment shops. It is a favorite past time of many people and leads to a possible treasure or an extra piece of stuff that will be sent to Goodwill eventually. 

However, on this particular Saturday I purchased a hanging figurine for the backsplash in my kitchen. I was taken by the intricacy and color of the piece. I now know there was another reason I found this piece so engaging. After reading the passage for today’s Advent devotion I am surprised I did not see the meaning of this artwork sooner. 

Jesus tells us that one lost sheep is more important than the ninety nine in the hills. He rejoices over finding the one stray. So he rejoiced when I was brought back into his flock! When I was lost and he continued to guide me; working on my heart until I ready. It was a small but miraculous day! I  opened up and enabled him to feed me with the rest of his flock. 

I know many who have gone astray, I trust that by example I can lead a little lost one to his flock.  If I can lead one lamb out of the hills by practicing love and forgiveness I have succeeded in doing the work of the Lord. 

Heavenly Father, breathe in me the power of your spirit so that every one of your flock may be gathered as one. In your name we pray, Amen.  

Robin Demarest