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Wednesday of the First Week of Lent | Journey to Jerusalem

Welcome to Cathedral's Lenten Reflection series, "Journey to Jerusalem," where we are documenting Cathedral's pilgrimage to the Holy Land. You're invited to read a reflection from a pilgrim below, as well as a snippet of information about the Holy Land. We pray that learning about the Holy Land this Lent brings you deeper into your faith!

Reflections from a Pilgrim

Meet Chris! Chris is very much looking forward to being in the land and culture where Jesus grew up, to gain insight into His life and the Gospel stories. He cannot wait for Jerusalem, especially the Wailing Wall, a site where many share their prayer intentions. The Wailing Wall is historically known as the Jewish "dwelling place of God," since that was a place where Jews made pilgrimage to atone for their sin -- tying nicely into our Lenten journey currently.
The pilgrims will spend almost a third of their time in Jerusalem. The group will visit the Visitation Church (where Mary prayed the Magnificat), Bethlehem (and even to the Church of the Nativity, where Jesus is said to have been born), Mt. Zion (the location of the Last Supper), and more while in Jerusalem!

Did you know?

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth's surface -- 1,400 feet below sea level. All the minerals that flow into the sea are trapped there, making it nearly ten times saltier than the ocean. It is so concentrated that nothing can live in the waters - hence its morbid moniker. Our pilgrims will have a chance to swim in the Dead Sea on the next day of their pilgrimage!